ACTion to end modern slavery

The Wilberforce Institute is taking to crowdfunding in support of an exciting new initiative – ACTion to End Modern Slavery. This project aims to fund a Justice Hub at the Institute through which we can inform and educate professionals about how to use the Modern Slavery Act (2015) in criminal prosecutions.

While the Act has impact, modern slavery and people trafficking is big business in the UK and is growing fast. People can be trafficked and exploited in many ways, including being forced into work, begging, crime or sexual exploitation.

Getting to grips with this complex legislation is challenging and needs access to additional expertise within the justice system, as well as offering insight and support for those working to de-criminalise victims. 

According to the UN, while European countries record higher conviction rates than in other parts of the world, this number has been stagnating or decreasing over the last few years.

Our goal is to share our expertise with those who apply and work with the law, so that they can use it to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of modern slavery and protect those who are vulnerable to it. 

We need £45,000 to create a website and run the project for a full year. Nearly £14, 000 has been pledged so far but we need a little more to get this Justice Hub into action.

If you would like to know more or make a donation please visit: